On the terraces of Goodison Park there’s no mistaking Blues fan Mick Cullen. He’s the one, in freezing cold and rain, wearing his swimming trunks and goggles!

Speedo Mick, as he’s known, has become a terraces favourite, featured on hundreds of selfies and at Everton’s game against Arsenal, he even had a starring role on Sky Sports..

“That was when it went bang on social media, it was everywhere,” laughs Mick. “Thierry Henry and Jamie Redknapp were sitting in the studio and there was me, on the huge telly behind them, with my Speedos on!”

The response from supporters, not just of the Blues but of other clubs too, was overwhelming.

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Actor James Sutton(far right),presenting the Community Personality Award to Michael Cullen(Speedo Mick),and Lewis Doherty aged 8.

I'm a winner and dats da . Thank you everyone ooooossshhh

Speedo Mick - Winner of The Echo Award 2017 - Community Personality with Lewis Doherty aged 8.

Without the countless donations none of this would be possible.  Without you none of this would be possible.

Thank you to each and every one of you who makes this all worth while.  Dont miss my next biggie - the 700mile walk to Lyon !!..  More details to follow.

Awards 2017

The Echo Awards with me dad, brother and son.  They keep me going !!

Inspiring Britain: Speedo Mick completes 700 mile Liverpool to Lyon charity walk

Clad in just a pair of budgy smugglers, a swimming cap, a pair of goggles and a backpack, the aptly named Speedo Mick has just completed a 700 mile charity walk, raising more than £16,000 for charity.

Michael Cullen - Speedo Mick's alter-ego - completed his trek from Liverpool to Leon on Thursday, raising funds for his city's Alder Hey Children's Hospital.

In the last three years, the semi-naked scouser has raised more than £100,000 for charities, collecting at his beloved Everton's football matches and swimming the English Channel - where the inspiration for his outfit came from.

Despite temperatures turning chiller during his month-long jaunt, Speedo Mick said he "really had almost forgotten" that he has been marching along almost in the buff.

He continued: "Sometimes you do feel a bit vulnerable and I'm still in a position to get a bit of stick, but people are just very generous."

While his sights were set on Everton's Europa League match against Olympique Lyonnais which kicked-off shortly after his arrival in the French city, he said he will continue to carry on fundraising once the match is over.